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Talent Point, Inc., is the premier talent source for the Lotus community in the United States and Canada. Talent Point utilizes "The Right Angle" hiring methodology which points to "The Right Person" for each unique employment opportunity. The Right Angle is a proven process that results in the consistent delivery of top talent by utilizing our extensive pool of pre-qualified Lotus professionals. Other competitive differentiators are; utilization of Lotus Professionals to hire Lotus Professionals and leverage of technology to minimize costs and cycle time at every step. The product of this process is a complete dossier as proof that we've found - the right person.

Yesterday, finding talent was all about speed. Now, it's about the winning formula for getting the right person, at the right time, with the right fit for your team.

Talent Point knows how to help you hire the star performers. We blend our proven ability to measure skills, experience and motivation with the latest, high-speed technology. So the people you hire today will still be the people you want working for you tomorrow. It pays to hire "The Right Person."

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News & Events

17 June - 24 June 2002
IT Career Week 2002
Talent Point is an Official Sponsor of IT Career Week 2002 taking place on line. Go to to learn more.

27 Jan 2002 Lotusphere 2002
The Talent Point team will be at Pedestal #130 at Lotusphere 2002 . . . come by and see us!

15 Jan 2002 New website launched

20 Nov 2001 Database hits 1000 candidates
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